• July 1, 2021

Why you need a freight sprayers in the new truck fleet

By Robert W. Smith, The Associated PressWASHINGTON — Americans need more freight sprayners, and a new wave of freight trucking will soon fill the void.

The new wave is coming from Central Freight Lines Inc., which last year purchased an 890-foot truck that had been used to haul freight from Central to Tampa.

The 890, nicknamed the Harbor Freight Sprayer, was one of the last commercial trucks in the U.S. to be made by the company, which has been expanding in recent years.

The company has a history of being a major player in the cargo industry, but it has a lot to learn from the trucking industry.

The company, with nearly 5,000 employees, has become a major force in trucking after acquiring the Florida-based Norfolk Southern and other railroads in 2012.

The Norfolk Southern deal was worth more than $4 billion.

The Harbor Freights sprayers, with a height of 890 feet and a gross weight of more than 5,300 pounds, are being built in Orlando, Florida, and the company is developing a fleet of its own.

That will help it compete with trucking companies that have been developing larger trucks.

But the company also wants to help people who don’t have the space for trucking.

“This is the truck of the future,” said Paul Schulz, chief executive officer of Central Freights.

“People can pick up their freight in the next couple of years, or it will be a few years from now.”

The company is still testing the trucks, but the company has already been testing its own commercial model.

The latest models have the same height, but they have wider wheels, bigger axles, wider trucks and better acceleration.

The trucks have a speed of 30 mph, with an average speed of 43 mph.

The trucks carry 3.5 million tons of cargo a year, and they can haul up to 2,000 vehicles per day.

Central Freighters is a joint venture of Central Florida Power &Light and the UF Southern Transportation Company, a unit of the Tampa Bay-based company that owns the Norfolk Southern Railroad.

Central Freights is a private company, and its shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

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