• July 8, 2021

Shipping container trucks will move into Portland’s waterfront from inland after a federal court ruled the state can’t shut them down for the next year, according to the Oregonian

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that the state of Oregon cannot shut down trucking companies from inland for the duration of the temporary ban.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge George P. Salazar also allows the state to open the ports of Portland, Portland, Bend and Hillsboro to the public and reopen the ports to containers as of Sept. 1, 2020.

The decision is expected to be appealed to the 10th U.D. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Oregonian reported Wednesday that Oregon Gov.

Kate Brown said she was pleased the ruling would not result in further disruption to Oregonians.

“I think it is important to recognize that, unfortunately, we are still in the early stages of this,” Brown said in a statement.

“This is not a matter for the courts to decide.

But I do want to acknowledge that the Oregon Department of Transportation has done the best it can and I’m confident that the courts will ultimately find that the State of Oregon has made the right decision.”

A temporary restraining order from Salazar temporarily blocks the federal government from closing the ports and the ports will remain open for freight.

The order came a day after the governor signed an executive order declaring the ban a “major disaster” and a “disaster.”

A group of mayors from the Portland area and surrounding counties have been trying to get the federal Government to lift the temporary restraining orders and reopen ports, which have been closed since March for construction of the Gateway Bridge, the Oregon-California border fence and a new border barrier.

The judge in the case said he was “unanimous” in ruling that the ban is unconstitutional.

“There is no reason for the United States to continue to enforce a temporary restraining Order issued by a judge of the District Court,” the judge wrote in his ruling.

“The Government cannot shut ports or shut the ports, period.”

The judge also said the federal ban on trucking is unconstitutional and the federal courts have never held the states liable for a trucker’s death or injury.

The temporary restraining ban is expected be upheld.

The state of Washington and other states have said that the temporary bans are unconstitutional, and the U.N. has said that they are not.

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