• July 14, 2021

When will we get the harbors to build our harbors?

Posted October 15, 2018 11:33:38 In the coming weeks, federal officials are expected to propose a rule change that would allow U.S. ports to build harbors of up to 1,000 homes for low-income workers.

If approved, the rule would take effect next year and be the first significant federal effort to address the housing crisis that has hit cities and towns across the country in recent years.

The measure has garnered support from a number of cities and counties, including San Francisco and Oakland.

The new rule would allow for a maximum of one home per port, a goal that the White House says is needed because the country’s ports have struggled to keep pace with demand for housing in the last few years.

It also would require ports to use a formula to determine if the homes will be eligible for federal aid.

Currently, some ports are permitted to build more than one home at a time.

Under the new rule, the government would allow ports to determine that one home should be built for each port’s maximum population of 25,000.

Critics of the rule say that too many ports are building more than they need, which could have a chilling effect on local hiring and wages.

The U.A.F. argues that it has the authority to regulate ports, which currently have to set housing quotas.

“The port’s own housing plan clearly shows that they do not have the capacity to meet the growing demand,” the group said in a statement.

“This rule will ensure that the ports are not artificially inflating their population count by building too many houses in their facilities.”

The Obama administration has been trying to address housing in urban areas for years.

In May, the administration announced a plan to expand affordable housing at the ports of San Francisco, Oakland and Newark, N.J. The plan includes more than 100,000 affordable units and would help close a gap in rental housing in those cities that has created a glut of homes for those who are unable to find a home nearby.

However, the Obama administration’s effort has been met with resistance in cities, including some in the Southern California region.

Critics say that the administration is trying to push an economic agenda while neglecting the plight of people living in poverty in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“It is disappointing that President Obama would want to increase the housing burden in his hometown of Los Angeles in the face of growing inequality and poverty,” Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angles said in May.

“We cannot afford to let the next generation of our community be left behind.”

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