• July 17, 2021

‘Troubled soul’: Inside the troubled world of SAIA freight company

South Africa’s Sia freight company is a victim of the same type of corporate governance scandal that’s plagued a number of major African companies over the past decade.

Sia, which is currently under investigation by the government for its alleged involvement in the 1994 rape of a South African woman, has denied wrongdoing and accused its critics of being “socially reticent.”

Sia is one of the world’s largest rail freight companies.

It has an international reputation for safety, efficiency and reliability.

Its main competitor, Odebrecht SA, is also under investigation for its involvement in a deadly freight accident in which eight people were killed in 2010.

But the Sia scandal is the latest in a string of scandals involving Sia that have shaken South Africa.

In May, the country’s Constitutional Court cleared the company of wrongdoing in connection with the 2010 crash of a freight train carrying goods from Ethiopia.

The company has also been accused of taking bribes from its African customers.

Sias’ track record of safety is a problem, too.

In a 2012 report by Transparency International, a non-governmental organization, the organization found that more than 40 percent of the freight shipments carried by Sia failed to pass safety checks.

In the most recent accident, which killed eight people, it also said that Sia did not implement safety procedures in its handling of the accident.

The allegations against Sia also prompted the South African government to close the company’s international operations in October.

The company says it will resume the trade by 2018.

The Sia crisis is part of a broader wave of corruption and malfeasance that has swept South Africa since the end of apartheid.

Many companies have been forced to lay off thousands of workers amid the economic crisis.

Sia has said that it has fired thousands of people since its scandal erupted last year.

The government has responded to the Siacao scandal with several reforms, including increasing fines for misbehaving companies and establishing a national investigation commission to look into corruption.

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