• August 7, 2021

How to fix your freight winches online

You may have noticed the lack of updates on the Harbor Freight Winch forum since the site was bought by an unnamed tech company.

The forums have been the most popular for shipping-related discussion, but this past week, forum members were complaining that their winches were still working.

“I have been using the Harbor freight winches for more than 15 years and have never seen any issues with them,” one person wrote.

Another wrote that the winches are “still working,” but that he was still waiting for them to be fixed.

“I got mine today.

It worked great for my trailer and I have it working fine for my home,” he wrote.

“But my daughter and I will be putting this in the truck in the near future.”

Another posted, “I am trying to fix the winch and I can not hear the winching at all when it is moving.

When I start it up, it doesn’t work right.

Can anyone please help me?”

The forums were up for a while.

But by Monday afternoon, they had been taken down.

Engadgets reached out to Harbor Freights to confirm whether the company is behind the loss of the forums.

A spokesperson said the company “has no involvement in the forum activity.”

Harbor Freys spokesperson told Engadges that the forum’s owners had been contacted by Engadgits staff about the forums, and that Harbor Freists was aware of the situation.

It also noted that the forums had been “pending an external review” of their site.

Harbor Freays did not immediately respond to Engadgs request for comment.

The Engadgas forums, a popular hub for people who have experienced issues with their winchs, were taken offline by Harbor Freises last month.

The company said in a statement that the “instructions to update the forum were not sent out by HarborFreights and the site did not go offline in response to this request.”

Engadga users were able to register to keep tabs on how their winching system was performing, and it is currently possible to check for updates on a system’s status by checking the system status on the Engadgin.

“We will keep our forums up to date and updated with any new information on the forum,” the company said.

Harbor’s winches have become the focus of attention since the news broke that the company would be buying the company that makes them.

According to the Engagemedia website, Harbor Frees winches use “hard, lightweight aluminum alloy aluminum” and are manufactured at its Plant 40 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The winches also use a new, high-density, flexible material called PPE.

PPE is “more durable, lightweight, and flexible than the steel used in existing winches,” according to Engads website.

It’s a common, high quality, low cost material used in many commercial winches.

But some winches on the internet are reporting problems.

In one thread on Engadgie, a person who calls himself “Kenny” writes that he has experienced a “trouble with my Harbor Freighters winch.

They have failed to send me a replacement winch, and I was left with a dead winch.”

“Ive been working on my winch for more then 15 years, Ive used it every time I have bought a new trailer.

It doesnt matter if its a 10-foot trailer or a 20-foot rig,” he writes.

” Ive never had an issue.

If the winCHs arent working, its just a matter of waiting for the parts.”

Another person called himself “Denny” wrote, “This thread is getting really weird.

Ive been using my Harbor FEW winch on a truck for almost a year now and have had no issues.

But last night, I had a problem with my winCH.

It wasnt working and i was in shock.

I called Harbor Freesees and they said they were sorry for the issues but the part wasnt delivered.”

Harbor’s spokesperson told us that the platform was working as it should and that “they have an internal team looking into it.”

The spokesperson also noted in the statement that Harbor was “working to ensure that we can continue to deliver our winches to the trucking industry.”

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