• August 10, 2021

How to avoid being a passenger on the ferry that mysteriously disappeared

When the ferry from Nagpur to Mumbai suddenly disappeared on March 23, 2008, the country’s railways lost track of it.

It was a mystery to all who were on board the train, which had just arrived at Mumbai’s Docklands International Airport, and it was one of the most perplexing stories in the country.

It was a day when the Indian Railways lost track and was a huge mystery, said Rajesh Kumar, a railway executive and former minister of state in the Narendra Modi government.

Railways are always looking for ways to get their trains running but for some reason, they never seem to make a profit, said Kumar.

“It’s like a mystery.

What is it?

Who is it?”

When the ferry disappeared, the railways were not sure of the cause.

There was no indication of any fire.

The ferry had not arrived at the Docklands airport and it had not been seen by the police.

The police, however, soon found out that the ferry had been hijacked by someone who boarded the ferry and took the train to Mumbai from Mumbai.

The ferry was hijacked and taken to Mumbai by someone with a stolen passport.

The culprit was identified as a 36-year-old Indian citizen who boarded a freight train to the Mumbai airport.

He took a train to Nagpur, Mumbai and then boarded another train.

A passenger named Ramesh was found on board.

He was a passenger of a cargo train.

The Mumbai police and the railways traced the train and the ferry to an address in Pune, about 40km from Mumbai’s main port.

Rameshs family members said the man was not the one who boarded it, but he was a train conductor.

“It was very shocking.

How could someone take the train?” said Rameshi Kumar, Rameshu’s father.

The man boarded the freight train on March 22, 2008 and did not give any description of the train or the ferry.

On March 23 the ferry, which was a one-man-and-a-half-tonne freighter, was lost in the middle of a crowded freight train, the police said.

The passengers and crew were picked up and taken by the ferry coach to the dock at the Mumbai International Airport.

The railway, however said the ferry was not in Mumbai at the time of the disappearance.

The railways did not say how long the ferry has been missing.

Ramesh, who works as a railway engineer, told The Hindu that he was the only passenger who was on board at the dock when the ferry sank.

He did not know who boarded and took over the ferry when it was taken away from Mumbai to Nagpal.

“We are not sure why it took so long to find out that someone was on the train,” he said.

“If there was someone on board, we would have been on the boat.

Why did the ferry take a freight ship to Nagpel?

There were people on board and it would have taken a lot of time.”

The missing ferry is one of about 1,500 vessels that the Indian Railway has lost since the Modi government came to power in May 2014.

The other boats were taken by people who boarded them to get around safety regulations.

The loss of the ferry is the largest since the railway lost control of the Mumbai Metro, which runs on the Mumbai metro network.

The railway has not provided any details about the whereabouts of the missing ferry, nor has it said whether it will give any information about the person who boarded its train.

But the police have been busy in their search for the missing vessel.

The Indian Railway Police has been asked to trace the person on board as the ferry may have been stolen.

The police have asked people who are travelling with the ferry for their mobile phone numbers.

“Anyone who has received the phone number of the owner of the boat can call and ask for details of the whereabouts,” said Kumar, the railway executive.

A spokesperson for the railways said the search for that ferry will continue till March 30.

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