• August 25, 2021

When oil prices hit bottom, it could be big time for the freight liquidators

LONDON—Oil prices may be headed lower, but that won’t be good news for the world’s largest freight liquidator.

The world’s biggest liquidator of goods and services is in for a tough sell, if a Bloomberg survey of 100 major international companies is anything to go by.

That includes global transportation, the financial sector and the commodities industry.

If you’re a freight operator, it’s going to be tough to survive the next year, according to the survey.

The biggest losers are freight companies that handle shipping, such as United Parcel Service and FedEx.

The survey, conducted from April 7 to May 2, asked companies to weigh their financial and operational challenges against the impact of the oil price drop.

The company’s outlook was grim, with only one in 10 companies saying they could withstand the shock of a $35 oil price decline.

“A major blow to the global economy could potentially lead to a severe downturn for our businesses,” said J.R. Miller, president and CEO of United Parc.

In a statement, United Parachute said the survey was based on a survey of more than 1,000 global companies and that the company would soon begin a review of its strategy and priorities.

The poll also found that companies are increasingly concerned about the impact on their own profitability, including the impact they would have on their customers.

The question also asked whether they would reduce their investments or raise capital.

“For the past two years, the oil crash has reduced oil prices significantly, with global oil demand growing at the slowest pace in history,” said John E. Cappello, head of financial analysis for Bloomberg Intelligence.

“At this point, oil prices are not going to change the way global commerce moves forward.”

While the downturn in oil prices has affected many major sectors, including transportation, United has seen the worst effects of the drop in crude prices.

A recent study by the Institute for Supply Management said that in the United States, oil companies have been hit hardest, as more and more of their operations have been suspended due to the downturn.

The impact of falling oil prices on the world economy will be felt over the next three to five years, Cappella said.

The study showed that in 2018, the global trade deficit with China will be $23.5 trillion.

The report also noted that the oil and gas industry, which accounts for around 20% of global trade, will have to cut production in the next six months to offset the downturns in the global oil and natural gas industry.

That could include cutting production in countries like India and the United Arab Emirates, which account for more than half of global oil exports.

“It’s a big blow to them and it’s a bigger blow to us,” Cappellos said.

“There’s going be a lot of pain for us and for our customers and for the economies around the world.”

United Parcelt declined to comment.

“The impact of this fall in oil and petroleum prices is likely to be felt in all sectors of the global supply chain,” Miller said in a statement.

“We are looking at our strategic options and will evaluate our position in the future.”

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