• September 18, 2021

When the freight chippers ship the torch, we can see it, says the ship’s captain

On a recent Saturday, the ferry boat Harrier Comfort was on a journey to the Port of Seattle when the torch began to burn.

The Harrier, owned by the Port, has a history of incidents involving passengers and cargo.

In April 2015, a passenger in the ship was seriously injured when the ship tipped over and capsized while sailing from Portland to Seattle.

The ship was repaired, but the port eventually closed its doors and shut down for about a year, forcing the ferry to divert to another terminal.

Since then, the port has also shut down four other ferry services, including the Tacoma to Vancouver ferry service, which is operated by Harbor Freight Corp. The Seattle-based company says it has taken steps to minimize the risk to passengers and the cargo on its vessels.

“There are a number of things that we’re doing to reduce risk and improve the customer experience,” said Mike Tinsley, a vice president of operations for Harbor Freights.

Tinsly said the company has reduced the size of the fire truck fleet and hired a third person to work on the company’s fire safety program.

But he said the ship has a high fire risk.

“We have a number fire department vehicles and an array of fire extinguishers that can’t be moved, can’t move at all, and are only meant to be moved around the ship,” Tinsles said.

“And we also have a fire alarm system, but that can only be activated once per day.”

Tinsleys said Harbor Freighters has been making changes to its fire safety procedures since the incident, including installing fire sprinklers and changing the size and placement of the trucks on the vessel.

He said the changes have helped reduce the risk for the ship to spill any cargo.

“It’s the most dangerous part of our business.

It’s a big, heavy, dangerous ship,” he said.

He added that the fire safety issues have prevented Harrier from sailing for years, but he said Harbor’s safety team is working to get it back on the waterfront as soon as possible.

Tensley said he did not know how many ships had been grounded in the wake of the Tacoma incident, but said he expects that number will increase.

“I think it’s going to be higher than that,” he added.

The Tacoma to Seattle ferry service is operated and operated by Harrier Freights, which says it provides “the best customer service” in the Puget Sound region.

The ferry was scheduled to depart Tacoma on Friday afternoon, but after the fire started, it was canceled, according to a port spokesman.

The port has said that all ferry services will continue to operate as normal.

In a statement, the Port wrote that “after careful consideration of safety and vessel requirements, we have determined that the safety of all passengers and crew members is paramount.”

The Seattle Times contributed to this report.

Contact Emily Schmitt at 206-464-2986 or [email protected]

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