• September 23, 2021

Pilot Freight Services to shut down operations at all four of its American freight locations

Pilots American Freight will shut down all of its locations from July, including in the central US.

The decision comes after the company said it had been facing challenges in the US, where the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) imposed tighter restrictions on flights from July 1st.

The company said its US operations would remain open but would shut down freight and courier services for its existing clients.

“The FAA issued a final rule to restrict travel on commercial airlines from July 25th through July 29th,” it said in a statement.

“This will have a significant impact on our business.”

The company has previously said it would suspend its operations at its facilities in Texas and California because of the restrictions.

The move comes as the Federal Government steps up its regulatory and regulatory pressure on the business.

Last week, it banned airlines from flying from US hubs outside the US.

“It’s an unfortunate situation for the airline industry that the FAA has imposed such stringent restrictions on air travel,” Mr Andrews said.

“Our goal is to ensure that American Freights can continue to operate and operate at a fair price for our clients.”

Pilot Freight operates from 14 US locations, including two in New York and one in Pennsylvania.

Mr Andrews said the company was taking “immediate action” to address the situation.

“We are in the process of shutting down operations in our four US locations,” he said.

The pilot has already suspended services in those locations.

The US Federal Aviation Authority (FAAA) announced new rules on July 25 that included tighter restrictions that made it easier for airlines to cancel flights and increase security checks at airports.

“The rule also imposes additional cost burdens on American Freighters, including additional staff to support the transition to a new system,” the FAA said in its announcement.

In February, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order against the FAA, which had said the rules were necessary to protect US air travelers.

The agency is appealing that decision.

Mr George said that pilot was following “the best interests of its passengers”.

“We do not have any information to indicate that these new restrictions will result in significant additional costs to our customers,” he told the ABC.

“There’s no impact to our existing customers.”


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