• October 20, 2021

Why this new carbon tax is better for workers than any plan to curb emissions

The Trump administration announced Thursday it’s scrapping the proposed carbon tax, and it’s not for the first time.

But this one is for real.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday that it’s eliminating the carbon tax.

The plan would have imposed a 10 percent levy on carbon dioxide emissions over a 10-year period.

It would have paid for the cost of the tax by lowering taxes on energy production and transportation, among other things.

The Clean Power Plan, which was signed into law in 2021, would have charged carbon dioxide emission credits to the electricity industry.

The proposal was backed by a bipartisan coalition, but was criticized by the oil and gas industry.

The proposal would have had a cap on emissions at 280 billion tons, but the administration said in a statement that it will now leave that figure “in place for the purposes of the rule.”

The administration said that it was not removing the cap, but rather that it would be used to incentivize the use of renewable energy.

The new carbon levy would have been effective starting in 2019.

The administration has not announced what it will replace the carbon levy with.

But it said it will use that money to make the United States energy-independent by 2027.

The Carbon Tax is one of President Donald Trump’s signature economic initiatives, and he promised in his campaign to abolish it.

The Tax would have placed a tax on carbon emissions that would have generated $200 billion a year, but that money would have gone to the states, rather than to the Treasury.

The idea of a carbon tax was rejected by both major parties, and there were concerns that it could encourage companies to shift jobs and investments overseas.

The EPA said that the new plan would make the country energy-competitive, but it also said it was an attempt to increase investment in renewable energy and the electric grid.

It said the rule would have created an investment in American jobs and would have made the country safer.

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