• October 27, 2021

The ‘horror’ of the ‘horrible’ Costa Concordia

The Costa Concordio was a marvel of modern technology, but its history is as much of a horror story as its cargo.

The ship was the work of a crew of seven that were all Italians, a fact that has been documented in a book by the Italian journalist Federico Lombardi.

The book, which is being published in Italy, is a gripping account of what happened when the ship went missing, with the help of Italian investigators. 

A new movie based on Lombardi’s book has just been released.

In the film, which premiered in New York last month, the crew of the Costa Concordian is reunited after the ship was abandoned in the Mediterranean. 

According to Lombardi, the captain was a real monster. 

“The crew was extremely scared and the captain, in particular, was very scary. 

The captain was really angry, but it was also a very, very dangerous man.

He was also extremely violent, and there was a lot of alcohol on board,” Lombardi told the BBC. 

In the film’s narration, a narrator is heard saying that the crew had been drinking and then the captain took them to a room with an empty cupboard. 

Lombardi said that the captain told them he had decided to destroy the ship because he had lost hope that it would be recovered. 

He said the crew were then brought back to the captain’s quarters. 

Then they were told to sit on the floor and to wait. 

On the night of the ship’s disappearance, the ship had no power and no engine. 

As the ship approached the island of Giglio, it was thought the crew would be able to land it. 

But when they arrived there, there was no sign of the crew. 

There was no one to check on them, and the only evidence of the loss of the Concordia was a large number of bodies. 

For months, the search for the ship continued. 

Eventually, it became clear that the ship would never be found. 

Italian investigators were finally able to trace the Concordias location by the use of radar. 

At the time, the US Coast Guard was leading the search and had been monitoring the situation from the coast. 

However, the Coast Guard had been unable to locate the Concordios location and their location had been confirmed only in October. 

It was then that Italian investigators were able to pinpoint the exact location of the wreckage and to find the missing crew.

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