• October 31, 2021

How to make your life easier with this handy checklist

A new tool that lets you set a timer for your next meal at home has been making the rounds among restaurant-goers.

The meal-tracking tool, which lets you check in on what’s going on with your meals, is a new app from an Italian startup called Epic Meal that lets users set a reminder that they want to make a meal at the next time.

“We started to hear about people wanting to make meal plans for their friends,” co-founder and CEO Paolo Calabrese told Business Insider.

“And the idea was to give them the option to have a plan that would show you the time, when they’re going to be able to make the meal and where they’re sitting.”

Epic Meal’s “Timelab” app is an Android app that allows users to record their time and add a reminder to their phone whenever they need to make dinner.

When a meal is ready to go, the app will notify you, and your meal will show up on your calendar.

You can then make the plan by tapping on a date or time and pressing the “make a meal” button.

Calabresel says that his team has received thousands of requests from people wanting the option of scheduling their meal.

The startup, which was founded in 2016, is currently looking to expand the app to more restaurants around the world.

Epic Meal has also found success in helping restaurant owners find ways to make their own meal plans.

For example, in September, the company launched a new product called “Meal-O-Matic” that lets customers set their own daily or weekly meal plans to ensure that their employees get the most out of their time.

Epic has also developed “Scheduled for Meal,” which is a way for people to set up a timer to ensure their meal is on the table when they want it.

Calabresse said that when Epic Meal saw how much demand for its “Timeline” app, he decided to expand it to include more restaurants.

Calaabrese said he’s looking forward to adding more restaurants to his app so that he can add more options.

“For now, we’re focusing on cities where there are many more restaurants,” he said.

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