• September 21, 2021

UPS, FedEx have reached deal to merge for warehouse warehouses

UPS has reached an agreement with FedEx to combine shipping and freight.The combined company, which will deliver approximately 6.5 million packages annually, has been valued at $3.1 billion.The transaction was announced Wednesday by the companies.The deal was announced as the nation’s largest-ever merger.The news comes as FedEx is looking to increase its footprint in the…

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Which airlines are most likely to carry your freight on a freight shelf?

Posted September 06, 2018 08:18:06 When you’re flying, your airline’s freight shelf is your final stop in the checkout process.The space that stores your goods, the items that you’re about to send or buy, and the shipping charges that will come along with it are usually in the back of your cargo hold.But when you’re…

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Which NHL players should you be avoiding at all costs?

A few years ago, we looked at the top 10 NHL players who are out of your league’s lineups this season and discussed how they’re likely to fare against the best players in the NHL.That led us to look at which players are going to be in the top-10 on any given day.This week, we’ll…

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The Harbor Freight Grinder is in jeopardy after being hit by a freight truck

The Harbor freight grifter is in peril after being struck by a truck while moving freight.The truck was heading toward the city of Atlanta on Interstate 285 when it veered off the highway onto the shoulder of Interstate 70 near the intersection of Hwy.20 and Interstate 285, according to an Atlanta fire spokesman.The driver was…

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The latest on the federal government shutdown

The Latest on the Senate budget deal, and the possible reopening of the government:The House voted Tuesday to fund the government through October 3, with a $1.1 trillion cut to the federal workforce.That’s in addition to a $200 billion cut to military spending, and a $20 billion cut in domestic programs.The House is scheduled to…

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